Mojo Racing Products 1st Aniversary!

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 One year ago (November 14th 2013) Mojo Racing Products made it's 1st Giant Power LiPo battery sale!   This business has built a solid reputation by selling quality products and providing great customer service.  I want to personally thank all of our customers for your patronage and help building up this company.  We hope to continue to add more products to our line-up and take Giant Power batteries to the next level.  Giant Power and Mojo Racing will continue to promote and support the RC hobby community.  We are proud to offer sponsorships, prizes and discounts to various clubs and racing events.  I really enjoy getting the next generation of young "kid" racers excited about the hobby.  We will continue to contribute what we can for the kid's class racers.  Here are a few milestones from the last year:


  • Started web store selling Giant Power LiPo batteries
  • Attended RC swap meets and shows to gain exposure
  • Successful debut at the Toledo RC Exposition
  • Established retail dealers of Giant Power battery products
  • Sponsorship of some of the best pilots and racers in the RC hobby
  • Giant Power battery power domination at the 2014 NAMBA FE Nationals boat race
  • Making friends and meeting new people

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