UMX 7.4v PH 2S lipo Male Female Plug Pigtail Set

  • $ 2.99

One pair of 7.4v PH type UMX plugs with leads.   This is the plug used by Horizon Hobby on all the UMX 2S 7.4v lipo planes and helicopters.  You get a set of 1 male and 1 female pig tail.  The wires are just over 4" long and are soft silicone 22 AWG.  This item has male plug that goes to ESC or charger (device side) and female plug that goes to battery pack.  Perfect item for repair or customization of your small RC air craft using 7.4v light weight UMX batteries. 
  • Pair of pig tails, one male one female
  • Soft 200 deg C 22AWG silicone wire 4+" long
  • High quality materials

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