Traxxas TRX LiPo Battery Hard Pack 2S 7.4v Wire Harness 4mm Pins with Balance Plug JST XH

  • $ 2.00
  • Save $ 4.99

Great accessory for your Traxxas car or truck.  Now you can run popular 4mm bullet pin 2S hard packs in your R=Traxxas vehicle!  Lipo hard case battery wiring harness for 2S 7.4v LiPos.  TRX Traxxas plug equipped with 4mm bullet pins.  Popular JST XH balance plug.

  • 12 AWG main power leads!
  • Soft 200 deg C silicone wire insulation!
  • TRX type Traxxas female plug fits your ESC
  • 4" 100mm overall length
  • 4mm male bullet pins plug into your hard case pack
  • 2mm center balance pin

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