Sport 60 Large 304 Stainless Steel Sport Hydroplane Turn Fin

  • $ 36.99

Limited availability from Mojo Racing Products.  Sport 60 larger size turn fin. Deeper than our original part# 700-040 fin.  Sharp thin stainless steel blades are thin yet strong.  Many A-B test comparisons have found 1.5 to 3 MPH speed increases on Sport hydro FE boats (compared to comparable aluminum fins)!     Blade width (fore-aft) at weld seam is 3.125" and blade depth top of blade to bottom of hook is 3.875"  Weight is 3.1 oz.   Our fins feature:

  • Thin cross section with laser welded doubler near bracket
  • Thin and sharp means more speed!
  • Awesome cornering!
  • Made from high grade 304SS
  • Laser precision cut
  • Laser cut mounting holes for #6 fasteners
  • Sharpened leading edge
  • Press brake formed curved section
  • Made in USA

These fins are very sharp, customers must use caution to avoid cuts and injuries!

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