Mini Battery Charger AC/DC 1500 mAh Output 2S 3S or 4S Small Packs

  • $ 23.99

Simple easy to use AC/DC charger unit.  Works with 7.4v 2S, 11.1v 3S and 14.8v 4S LiPo batteries.   Max charge rate 1500 mAh.  Perfect for small packs for mini cars, and small aircraft.  Also works as a handy cell voltage checker.  Includes 120/240 vac power supply, and DC connection leads.  Great for smaller LiPo batters from 300 to 1500 mAh 7.4 to 14.8v.   Works great for mini and micro Losi LiPo batteries.  Perfect charger for micro Losi 1/24th LiPo batteries.

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