3.7v 500 mAh Upgrade Lipo Battery 25C Blade Inductrix FPV+ MCPx Glimpse FPV 1S UM High Current

  • $ 5.00
  • Save $ 7.37

Close Out Special!

Fits e-Flite Blade Inductrix FPV+, MCPX and CPX helicopter.  Also fits the hot new Blade Glimpse FPV quad.  Giant Power quality 25C upgrade battery with 1S UM high current plug!  1S 3.7V 500mAh. 

Better performance and lower cost than e-Flite batteries!

Replaces e-Flite battery EFLB5001S25UM that costs $12.99!

Perfect for Inductrix Plus FPV


Maximum performance for your models!


Size: 5.5x18x60mm  

Weight: 13g 


Fits Blade helicopter: mCPX BLH3500 mCPX 2 BLH3580

Blade Glimpse FPV BLH 2200 B:LHH 2280

Blade Nano QX2 BLH9180

Blade Inductrix FPV+ BLH9680 BLH9600

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