1S 180 mAh Blade E-flite mSRX MCX mCX2 Nano QX UMX Upgrade Lipo 50C

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Fits Blade FPV Nano QX, Nano Cps  MCX, mCX2 MSRX mSR and Nano QX helicopters.  Also fits UMX Corsair, Radian and AS3.  Giant Power quaility 180 mah 50C upgrade battery pack.  180 mAh will give you longer flight time, 50C offers more performance!  Up to 7 minutes of flight on a nano QX!  Upgrades e-Flite battery EFLB1501S45

Include small Velcro strip for mounting.  

Size: 5.5 x 12 x 45m

Weight: 7g


Fits Blade Helicopters:

 FPV Nano QX BLH7200 BLH7280

Nano CPs BLH2480 BNF or BLH2400 RTF

BLH7600 BLH7680 Nano QX BLH3200 mSRx   BLH3000 mSR

EFLH2200 mCX  mCX2 EFLH2400 EFLH2480 

Nano QX FPV BLH7200 BLH7280

Inductrix BLH8700 BLH8780 MSR S BLH2900


E-flite planes:

T-28 Trojan HBZ5650


UMX Whipit EFLU3150

UMX Corsair Ultra Micro EFLU2680 EFLU2600

UMX Radian EFLU2980 UMX AS3Xtra EFLU5750

FPV Vapor EFLU6600 EFLU6680

Night Vapor

Champ RTF HBZ4900 Duet RTF PKZ5300

EMBER 2 RTF PKZ3400  Night Vapor PKZU1100

Sport Cub S HBZ4400 4480

e-Flite UMX EXTRA 300 3D BNF EFLU1080


E-Flite Blade mSR X RTF- BLH3200
    E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4-Site

    Parkzone Sukhoi 26m Micro - PKZ3580
    Parkzone P-51D Mustang Micro - PKZ3680 / PKZ3600
    Parkzone Ember 2 - PKZ3480 / PKZ3400
    Parkzone Vapor - PKZ3380 / PKZ3300
    Parkzone Micro Citabria
    Parkzone ParkZone Ultra-Micro J-3 Cub - PKZ3900
    Parkzone Cessna 210 Centurion - PKZ3000
    FlyZone Playmate - HCAA2550

 Parkzone T-28 Trojan Micro - PKZ1500 PKZ1580

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