6S 22.2v 6000 mAh 70C-140C Graphene 2.0 "Super Kitty Stick" Lipo Battery Pack

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Special order item requires pre-payment!  4-6 week lead time

6S 22.2 volt 6000 mAh 70C lipo long stick LiPo battery pack

 The "Super Kitty Stick" pack!  Perfect for Q powered FE catamaran boats!  12,000mAh 2P off shore power house!   Now available in Graphene 2.0.  Great fit in Aeromarine Q powered Sprint Cats!

NOTE* Special Order Product requires  deposit!

Maximum Performance for your models!

  • New Graphene 2.0 Technology
  • Light weight high energy density!
  • Massive punch with 70-140C rating
  • Lower voltage drop under continuous high amp loads
  • Cooler running due to lower internal resistance (IR)
  • Superior cycle life, less voltage degradation over time
  •  Durable reinforced soft pack
  • Fat high amp/temp 10 AWG silicone wire leads
  • Fast charge 5C capable

imum performance for your models!


Pack comes without connectors installed.  We recommend  8mm bullet connectors 


Size:   1.96"x 1"x 15.25"   50x25x387mm   

 Weight: 32.2oz   912g 


Discharge rating 70C 140C Burst rate   Max Charge Rate 5C


6 month limited warrant from Giant Power* 


*does not cover misuse and abuse! 

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Customer Reviews

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