4S 14.8v 1550 mAh Graphene 2.0 70C-140C Quad Racer LiPo by Giant Power

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Hot new product from the Giant Power factory! Graphene 2.0 next generation LiPo batteries. Premium quality 250 FPV 250 size mini quad racing Graphene 2.0 LiPo battery pack. Giant Power Maximum Performance 70C continuous and 140C burst rated. Special made product by Giant Power for the hot RC sport of FPV Quad racing. Massive punch out and performance from this 4S 14.8v 1550mAh LiPo battery. Fat 12 AWG main lead wires with factory installed XT60 power plug and JST-XH balance tap.

 Maximum performance for your models! 

     New Graphene 2.0 Technology

    • Light weight high energy density!
    • Massive punch with 70-140C rating
    • Lower voltage drop under continuous high amp loads
    • Cooler running due to lower internal resistance (IR)
    • Superior cycle life, less voltage degradation over time
    •  Durable reinforced soft pack
    • Fat high amp 12 AWG silicone wire leads
    • Popular XT60 main power plug and JST XH balance lead
    • Fast charge 5C capable
    • Factory fresh product
    34 x 29 x 88.5mm 1.3" x 1.13" x 1.25" x 3.5"

    Weight: 6.25oz. 178 grams

    Discharge rating 70C Burst rate 140C

    Max Charge Rate 5C

    180 day limited warranty does not cove crash damage or abuse!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review