3.7v 6 At Once Battery Charger Blade E-Flite Walkera Dromida Traxxas

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The small helicopter, quad, drone or Plane pilot's dream charging kit!  A great solution that charges up to 6 single cell 3.7v LiPo batteries at one time.  Simple automatic function is easy to use.  Capable of charging Walkera, Traxxas 3.7v helicopters, E-flite Blade UMX nano size, Blade mCPX type and JST single cell lipos!  Great charger for hot new Dromida Ominus and Kodo batteries!   3 convienient power options. use a 2S to 6S lipo battery with Deans plug in the field, use your USB cable to power from any USB outlet, or use the included 120V AC/DC power pack.   Easy to use, and fully automatic!  This charger can only charge single cell 3.7V lipos.

  • Charges 1 cell 3.7v packs up to 6 batteries at one time from 6 ports!
  •  Each charge port lead has Walkera/Dromida type plug
  •  Performs auto charging, just plug in your battery and the LED lights up.
  •  Charging is complete when the LED light for that port goes out
  •  Power from AC or DC sources
  •  Auto power off when the batteries reach 4.2v
  •  Maximum charge power 500 mA
  •  Factory approved by Giant Power!

Charges 3.7v batteries for Blade e-Flite Parkzone Dromida Nine Eagles WL Toys Walkera Traxxas Vusion and more!


  •  3 JST charge adapters
  •  3 E-flit PH MCPx type charge adapters
  •  3 Blade e-flite nano charge adapters
  •  AC/DC power pack 120V 3A output
  •  DC power plug with Deans type plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review