2S 7.4V 2 Cell 7500 mAh 100C-200C Ultra Graphen Compact P-Limited Special LiPo Battery

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New!  7.4 volt 7500 mAh 2S 2P soft case 100C LiPo battery pack. 

Compact high capacity 7.4v Ultra Graphene battery pack.  Perfect for P-Limited FE boat racing.   Built with fat 10 AWG wire to help kick up your boats performance.  Not recommended for high amp load open P class racing, but perfect for 4S P limited boats.  2S 2P offers more capacity than out long pack 6000 2S in a compact package. I have seen super low IR numbers and great performance out of my test packs.

Maximum Performance For Your Models! 

  • Soft silicone 10 AWG wires
  • Ultra Graphene low internal resistance!
  • Compact cross section fits great in small package spaces!

Pack comes without connectors installed.  We recommend 5.5mm bullet connectors

Warning!  These packs may become damaged if discharged over 80%!


Size:  1.0"x1.7"x5.3"        24x43x135 mm

Weight:  11.3oz                    321g

Discharge rating: 100C Cont. 200C burst

Max Charge Rate: 5C


6 month limited warrant from Giant Power*

*does not cover misuse and abuse!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review