2S 7.4V 6500 mAh Pro Boat UL-19 80C-160C Graphene 2.0 Race LiPo Battery Set

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2 cell 7.4 volt 6500 mAh soft case 80C LiPo battery pack set.  Perfect oval heat race packs for the UL-19!

Compact high capacity 7.4v Graphene 2.0 80C battery pack set.  Perfect race packs for the hot new UL-19 hydroplane from Pro Boat!   Built with fat 10 AWG wire to help kick up your boats performance.  Not recommended for high amp load open P class racing, but perfect for 4S P limited boats.  A bit more capacity than out long pack 6000 2S in a compact package. 

Maximum Performance For Your Models

    •  Lighter weight, smaller package size
    • Equipped with high amp EC5 connectors!
    • Proven championship winning high performance product
    • Perfect for Pro Boat ready to run boats like the UL-19!
    • Graphene 2.0 technology!
    • Soft 10 AWG soft silicone wire
    • Longer cycle life!
    • Perfect battery for PRB08028 UL-19

    Packs come with quality EC5 connectors installed.  Charge and go for your Pro Boat!

     Size:  0.9"x1.7"x5.3"        24x43x136 mm

    Weight:  10.69oz                    311g

    Discharge rating: 80C Cont. 160C burst

    Max Charge Rate: 5C

     6 month limited warrant from Giant Power*

    *does not cover misuse and abuse!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review