2S 7.4v 2 Cell 2600 mAh Giant Power Transmitter Pack Futaba 12F 8FG Aurora 9 SD10-6

  • $ 21.99

Upgrade LiPo battery pack for your Futaba, Airtronics or Hitec Aurora aircraft radio transmitter.  Much longer usage time than the stock NiMh battery that comes with them.   Features Hitec/Futaba main Power lead white plug and Black servo plug for Airtronics.  Also has universal JST red plug for re-Charging or custom installations.  Standard 2S JST XH balance lead.  Max charge rate on this transmitter pack is 1C or 2.6 amps!

Fits Airtronics SD10-6, Hitec Aurora 9, Futaba 12FG and 8FG


Capacity: 2600mAh

C Rating: 3C/5C

Connector 1:  White Hitec/Futaba

Connector 2 Black Servo type for Airtronics

Connector 3 red JST for re-charging or custom applications

Size: 17x31x100mm   0.68' X 1.22" X 3.95"

Weight: 102g or 3.6oz

90 day limited warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review